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Pedmoto SG1 Exhaust for Yamaha DT 125 R/RE/X/SM

03 March 2014

Stainless Steel won!

1989 > 2003

After lots of on/offs ups and downs we are pleased to confirm the SG1 systems  for the Yamaha DT 125 R ranges are finished and as the header states Stainless steel won, in the end it was a no-brainer.

2004 > 2009

The more we tested the more we could see that even though there was a difference between stainless and mild steel in terms of power, comparing our stainless system to others on the market we were still marginally up. Does gaining an additional 0.8hp if we had stuck with the mild steel over rule the possibility of a full stainless steel system that looks, sounds and performs brilliantly; no we agree.

The silencer is made from separate components held together with allen key bolts making it easy for servicing: wadding changes etc.

RRP £290

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