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Pedmoto Air Filter Cleaning Kit - Universal


Pedmoto Air Filter Cleaning Kit - Universal PCK-000

A great addition to our range of filters is the PedMoto cleaning and recharge kit. Through years of riding scooters, whether it’s on the road or the racetrack, we’ve noticed that once you find a good filter that works well and suits your setup then you tend to stick with it. This is all well and good but after time the filter gets clogged up with dust and dirt, this reduces engine performance and can hinder the life of the engine.
This is where our PedMoto recharge kits come into place:
Step 1 consists of a special air filter cleaning formula that thoroughly cleans the foam destroying any dirt in its path to bring your filter back to life.
Step 2 is our unique polymer that, once massaged into the filter, charges it ready for use trapping dust and dirt and also helping to repel water from the filter’s surface. Our cleaning and recharging kit is not just aimed at used filters. Although new Pedmoto filters are charged with the same application, not all brands of filters are so fortunate. Most of the competition is supplied without any sort of oil or polymer product applied when you purchase them. This leaves them dry reducing their filtration qualities and makes them more absorbent to water.
Included in the kit is a pair of gloves to keep your hands clean along with full instructions on how to recharge your filter. The 100ml bottles of cleaner and polymer will be good for around three or four cleans / recharges whether it be a pod filter or foam panel filter.


RRP: £12.35