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Pedmoto Variator Rollers 15 x 12 - 4.5gr


Pedmoto Variator Rollers 15 x 12 - 4.5gr STP745

Variator roller weights are one of the most talked about and most widely changed components when it comes to scooter tuning. Not only are they absolutely crucial to setting your scooters transmission but they also need changing periodically to maintain engine performance.
Each of our roller sets are produced in a technical polymer that’s resistant to abrasion and high temperatures. This helps to maintain transmission efficiency even when things get hot and can increase service intervals saving you both money and time. Each roller is accurately weighed to make sure your setup remains the same each time the rollers are replaced. Each individual roller has its weight printed on the polymer casing making things easier in the workshop if scales are not available.

Pedmoto Variator Rollers 15 x 12 - 4.5gr

RRP: £6.80