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Pedmoto Pod Air Filter - Race 40mm


Pedmoto Pod Air Filter - Race 40mm PMP-40R

The “Race” filter was developed for the BSSO scooter racing series and our main aim was to provide as much air flow as possible to maintain engine performance almost as if running no air filter at all. In the development stage we tested 10’s of filters on a 70cc racing scooter only to find on average we saw a 1 HP drop when compared to using no filter at all.
After completing testing we settled on our now “Race” filter which is made up from a single layer of extremely porous foam designed to minimize the drop in performance, this filter now offers almost the same performance as running without a filter. The polymer coating which the filter is supplied with traps dust and dirt particles which in turn also aids in repelling water in damp conditions.
 Available in a range of union diameters we recommend the “Race” type filter on mid – high end setups where performance is the number one priority.

Pedmoto Pod Air Filter - Race 40mm

RRP: £14.85